This year, the CBSoft offers three panel sessions on various topics. We have the central panel addressing the topic of research, development and innovation in software and two innovative panels addressing topics about women in technology and open data from the federal government, as the detailed descriptions below.

Research, Development and Innovation

  • Date: 02/10/2013
  • Time: 16:30h

The goal of the panel Research, Development and Innovation in Software is to discuss, informally, the future of research, development and innovation in software in Brazil.
To foster the discussion we will adopt a framework based on some data, questions and policies/projects in the field of software and IT services.
The framework to be presented below was inspired by some elements of the “TI Maior” Government Program (IT Major –
“TI Maior” is a funding program promoted by the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Women in Technology

Date: 04/10/2013
Time: 11h.

The lack of engineers and technology professionals in Brazil is a bottleneck in the infrastructure of our country and we can say that the presence of women in this market is rare.

Last years, there has been much discussion on how to increase women’s participation in technology. Various national and international initiatives have formed in order to discuss this topic. In particular, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has a section that deals with this issue: IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE). The WIE is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. Besides WIE, Google and Microsoft are working in order to encourage greater participation of women in technology. In Brazil, since 2007 is held the workshop “Women in Information and Technology” WIT) held in conjunction with the Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society (CSBC).

In this context, motivational talks and roundtables are important tools. Hence the creation of workshops in order to discuss the topic in major international technology events. These workshops aims to introduce girls to a career doable for them and encourage them to have a voice in the development of new technologies.

The workshop Women in Technology aims to promote discussion about the presence of women in technology.

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Public Policies for supporting Free Software production

  • Date: 02/10/2013
  • room: M8
  • Time: 14:30

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Adoption of Agile Methods in Brazilian Public Organizations: The state os Practice and Future Challenges

Date: 04/10/2013
Time: 09h.

Agile methods are increasingly becoming a subject of interest, both to the industry and the academy. These methods are based on empirical knowledge in which learning is continually improved in order to better respond to business changes, better absorb the instability of the requirements and to provide more appropriate tools to complex projects.

The outsourcing of software development services for public organizations is continually increasing. Nevertheless, the Administration Bodies have to deal with one of two situations: i) they do not produce software but, as contractors, they need to manage the development activities of the hired companies; ii) they have internal teams that produce software and they also have to manage the product development services they hire.

The goal is discussing the experiences of each particular public organization that has adopted agile methods in the context of contract management, thus promoting and increasing collective learning.
Confirmed organizations: INEP, TST, BACEN, IPHAN, STN e TCU

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